Lebanon KY and The Need To Not Worry So Much


I find myself having to make an unending amount of decisions lately. Some of them are important and some of them are not. Some of them are bad and some of them are good. What I started to think on during some of those hours on the road is what exactly decisions and results are. What are they really and how do they truly effect us?

I see extreme cases of bad decisions or circumstance that could lead to periods where someone has not been left with a choice, but other than that there will always be a choice at the result of a decision you have made. So even the seemingly bad decisions you have worked through, viewed from hindsight, lead to another fork in the road. Another choice and decision to be based on from a life of experience and wisdom. I, also, find it interesting that so much of our wisdom comes from bad decisions.

We take that wisdom and apply it to the situations we are in and to the choices we make. Then a decision has been made that leads to a result in our lives. At this result another choice.

Choice. Decision. Result. Choice.

That’s it. That’s our lives.

So why worry so much?

The worst decision you’ve ever made could lead to one of the best choices you’ve ever had to make. A result that could change you’re life in every way for the better.


Right now I’m in Lebanon Kentucky sitting on my cousins deck looking at the most amazing view of the country side. My cousin has a beautiful home on a plot of land right next to her mother and my aunt. She lived here most of her life and is the editor of the local news paper. She’s no nonsense and in control of her world.

I’ve spent the last few days eating home cooked meals and having good conversation, and no visit to small town Americana would be complete without cheering at a little league game my nephew played in yesterday. I’ve eaten apple pie.

The weather is set to turn bad in a few hours, and I’d like to get ahead of it. I have more relatives in the state that I want to see, and something in me just keeps wanting to go west.


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