Chilliwack and On The Move


I’ve been hold up in Chilliwack British Columbia for the past 4 weeks. I haven’t written much. I was to busy digesting my place in the world right now. I’m warm because of the hospitality and kindness of others. I’ve been accepted into a family. I have a place here.

But I need money.

The next chapter of my life will be the first real test of this idea and journey for how I want to live. I’ve pointed myself in the right direction. I’ve taken steps to move my plan forward. I’m so much closer to paradise islands then I was a few months ago.

Canada is a beautifully wet grey cloudy place, but when the sun sneaks through and saturation comes back to the greens and blues it’s vivid. The crispness in the air feels good on the skin. It’s been a wonderful experience to work outside in this part of the world. I’ve enjoyed many beautiful days of tough man work. I worked on residing an old barn from the 1930’s. It was an interesting experience to pull nails out of building that another man hammered there 80 years ago. He’s probably long dead, and his work still stands. There is a merit in building something to stand after you are gone. Carpentry has taken a plant in me and I find it fascinating. I’m going to pursue this as I think the knowledge of how to build a home and pound some nails in search of cash will be invaluable many times over.

I’ve climbed ladders and worked on roofs. I spent afternoons muscling vast amounts of wood. Days have been consumed with sifting through acres of farm soil in search of rocks after a cultivation run. The dirt moving through my fingers where vegetables would soon take root. I saw the absolute beginning of the food process.


I learned how to drive a Bobcat which is like strapping on the mech suit from the climax of Aliens. I am Ripley.

Capitol Hill Wine RemixerSova 5 29 2010_2

Through out this work I spent hours working in Photoshop for a website for my friend Emma. I’ve enjoyed rediscovering that creative side to me. When I used to DJ in Washington DC I began making my own flyers out of necessity because graphic artists are expensive. I think I become pretty good at it. At the end of my short DJ career I found I enjoyed making the flyers more than the gigs. That was a tiring period in my life. I partied well past the point of not wanting to party anymore. I’ve calmed down since then. I’m going to keep up with the Photoshop. I still have lots of work to do for the website, and I enjoy the outlet to much to quit.

But I need a job. A steady predictable job. Day labor gigs dry up when it gets wet, and it gets wet a lot. Rain happens so much that when the skies clear up it’s a big deal. I enjoy Canada immensely, and I’m sad to go. However comma this is what my journey will be for a long time. I will live in many places until I’ve found my home. I’m not scared of moving or the travel. I have to work along the way.

So I’ve decided to pack up again and head south back into the states. It was a cross between Seattle and Portland and I think Seattle has won. I’ve heard that the job market in Portland can be a bit rough, and I guess I would attribute that to the transient culture of the young peoples. I’ve heard it’s one of the bigger runaway destinations in the country. I’ve never heard a bad thing about the place aside from that. I know many people who have lived there at some point and speak highly of there time there.

Seattle is closer and very reasonable in rent prices. If it stinks I’ll go to Portland.

Don’t stink Seattle.

The motto of this adventure so far is that I will only do what I want to do for the rest of my life. Right now I want to work and save money with purpose. I want to meet some new people and experience life in a city I never thought I would live in. I’ve often missed aspects of city life after I moved out of Washington DC.

Right now I want to ride a bike everywhere and sit in parks. So I’m going to go do that.


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